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Julia Peirone’s visual world is chiefly populated by girls or young
women. Peirones series mirror aspects of vulnerability, shame, and
sexuality in a time that is heavily influenced by social media and
their affects on the creation of identities. The artist is looking for the
gap between reality and construction.

Julia Peirones‘ oeuvre poses questions about the strengths and
limitations of the photographic image and the way we encounter
ourselves in them. The modern-day visual culture favors selfglorification
and an obsession with abstract ideals of beauty. In her
photography, Julia Peirone focuses on these notions to explore
young, mostly female teenagers search for identity.

Peirones work has a proximity to the moving image. Her
photographic series often show casting situations and preparations.
Retakes, fleeting moments, and failures are given a prominent
position. The pictures can hardly be defined as portraits in a
conventional sense; rather, they investigate mental states and
visual conventions that reflect the demands of the external world.
The photographs often capture the frustration that young women
suffer after having been imprinted by certain ideals.

The relationship between the model and the photographer, as well
as those between the viewer and the viewed, is an aspect of
several images by Julia Peirone. Their gazes almost never meet.
The girls‘ eyes are shut or hidden by their hair. Tight tank tops and
short skirts expose their skin. The artist stresses that “the girls in my
pictures are victims of a gaze, but they are also strong and have
power over your gaze”.