Jag är alltid glad/ I am always happy


9 min

Before working on a photography project, I placed an ad looking for girls. I received responses from over 200 young girls
who wanted to be models in my pictures. Their application letter consisted of sales language mixed with childish expressions.
I picked out the sales phrases and wondered `how do I create the impossible girl? Some phrases were both funny and
unpleasant such as ``I'm always happy'' I cut the phrases into one long monologue. Together they form a picture of the
contradictory and impossible demands that surround young girls today.
In the film, a girl is shown patiently looking into the camera while a voice reads the text. It becomes hypnotic and the voice m
onotonously tells about completely different images. At the same time as the film seems meditative, there is a rising quiet panic
that creates a slight discomfort. I
usually install the film so that it buzzes around the room like a fly that you get used to and which eventually just becomes p
art of the wallpaper.

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