I am not blonde


8.14 min

Music and Edting: Nille Svensson

Inspired by selfies posted on Instagram, where all faces and expressions are the same because of the similar faces and poses that everyone takes,
I started thinking about the mask as a concept. Why do we assume the same identity in the encounter with the world? Or is it a face we have decided
is the right one in the meeting with the camera that has now become our mirror over the phone?
I got an idea to film and photograph girls who all put on make-up in the same mask / identity. I chose Marilyn Monroe because it is an iconic look
that we all recognize. It is also a look / mask that we associate with beauty and is very simple in its aesthetics and in its expression.
Red lips, blonde curls, black eyeliner and the mouche. The girls had to put on make-up like Marilyn but without a mirror. The camera as a mirror a
nd invisible viewers. There was also something in the female ritual that make-up entails that I became interested in. It is an intimate moment where t
he girl meets herself in the building of her identity and in the encounter with the world.
In the Portraits, we discover all the small mistakes that have occurred during make-up. The human appears in the smeared lipstick and the sticky eyeliner.
As viewers, we are tricked into reading the same picture, a Marilyn with blonde curls, but in the repetitive we search for what stands out.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikK09-wHSF0&t=13s In mistakes we meet the human.

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