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Waiting for red pigtails

4.45 min.


About the film:
Different girls slowly appears and disappear in a total darkness. At the meantime a voice is describing them with simple lines
as reading a book...hiding her fingers in her pocket...drinking from a plastic mug...and so on.
After a while the words starts to change place with each other and create new lines as hiding her fingers from the devilsign
...drinking herself into a white flower...dancing with faces...
still describing the same girls that continiously are appearing and
disappearing in darkness.

Text from the film:

reading a book

making the devils sign

showing an angry face

covering herself from rain

drinking from a plastic mug

sucking on a piece of candy

dressed in a red coat

standing in long and newwashed hair

looking for a piece of bread

wearing a white flower

hiding her hand in a horse

sucking a hotdog

breathing the rain

dancing with faces

dressed in sad eyes

hiding newwashed hair in her pocket

dancing with her fingers

opening herself

covering her sad arms

opening an angry sister

reading about the devil

eating the white horse

hiding her sister in a plastic bag

waiting for a sign

riding the air

tying her hands

covering her pigtails from angry faces

drinking herself into a white flower

cuddling with her sister

looking for an open door

waiting for a horse dressed in a red coat

spreading out her hair for a piece of bread

hiding her fingers from the devils sign

looking for a piece of air

wearing a white face

waiting for red pigtails